A history of great jobs

You can't operate for over years and not have a collection of diverse projects. Here is just a sampling of some of the work we have done for past clients.

Great Plains Recreation Centre

Calgary, Alberta

Working with the City of Calgary, we provided ongoing cost control services from preliminary program estimating, through to design development and pre-tender stages.

Quarry Park (Remington YMCA)

Calgary, Alberta

On this project for the City of Calgary we provided cost control services from the preliminary project estimating, continuing all the way though to the design phase and pre-tender stages.

Elevation Place

Canmore, Alberta

Pre-Construction Cost Control services for the Canmore Elevation Place Recreational Centre. This project was done for the City of Canmnore.

Genesis Centre for Community Wellness

Calgary, Alberta

Pre-Tender Estimates and Post-Tender Cost Control services for the Genesis Centre for Community Wellness’ $120 million dollar construction project.

Vivo for Healthier Generations

Calgary, Alberta

Integrated Cost Control and Project Management for phased renovations within the existing multi-function Vivo recreation centre.

Calgary Courts Centre

Calgary, Alberta

Independent Post-Tender Cost Control Services for $300 million dollar Phase I of the Calgary Courts Centre construction.

Trico Centre

Calgary, Alberta

Full Project Management and Integrated Cost Control services for the $18.4 million dollar expansion and renovation of the Trico Centre for Family Wellness.

Genesis Place

Airdrie, Alberta

Pre-Construction Cost Control services for the Airdrie Genesis Place Recreational Centre.

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