Costplan's History


In 1969, when computers were also rooms, David Lillywhite had an idea. Instead of the tedious manual ways being used in construction management, he was going to computerize it. Working on the edge of technology, David started a company that did exactly what was in its name: Computerized Project Management. It was the first of its kind in Alberta and the first started specifically to offer construction cost management services. It has been steadily growing in both project size and name recognition ever since.


While our computers no longer take up a room, and our name's a bit different, the founding principles have never swayed in the last years of being in business. We've since taken on many public and private projects since we started but our attention to detail hasn't changed and never will. We pride ourselves on our long-standing reputation for good work and will continue to uphold it as the company moves in to its second-half of a century in business.

  • David Lillywhite established Computerized Project Management in Calgary, AB.
  • Colin Lawson (senior) joined Dave and they changed the name to Costplan Management Ltd.
  • Colin Lawson (senior) leaves Costplan to return to Australia.
  • Jack Miller joins Costplan.
  • Jack becomes Director.
  • David Lillywhite retires
  • Colin Lawson (junior) and Don Linton join Costplan
  • Jack retires. Colin and Don become Directors.
  • Costplan Management celebrates years of serving business from around the world!